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We are your

Insurance Concierge

We assist high net worth professionals and business owners by offering unique and customizable insurance coverage to meet their distinct insurance and risk management needs.


How We Work


As your insurance concierge, we spend time with you to gain a full understanding of your life, professional and personal, to assess your exposures and insurance needs. There is no retainer to utilize our services. Most often we are able to obtain more comprehensive coverage at a lower cost for our clients.

We review your current insurance, and if you have great policies that we cannot improve on, we tell you so. We are not in the business of selling product; we are in the business of developing a mutually beneficial relationship.

We want to be your partner in success, and throughout our relationship we are available to consult with you about your existing policies, any new exposures, and to make sure that we understand the risks involved in your complicated and busy life.

We understand your industry, healthcare and the law are complex, with numerous intricacies from the single practitioner to the complicated multi-specialty organization. We have clients throughout the spectrum and we are there to guide and grow with you, so your success is our success.

As your success increases, so do your exposures. Powerful cars, impressive yachts, unique vacation homes, beautiful jewelry and trips abroad are often perks of your success. Our policies protect all aspects of your changing and exciting life.

We are here for you and your business, making sure that any hiccups in the road are mere detours, not roadblocks, and that risk is managed and understood as you continue on the path of success.

I have know Dean Schink of Specialized Insurance Services Agency, Inc. since the summer of 2005. My initial introduction to Dean was on the recommendation of an IPO, as I investigated my requirements for starting private practice. He came very highly recommended for all my insurance needs in business. Dean continues to take care of all my insurance needs for my practice, over the past 9 years. He typically reviews my policies annually and is proactive in offering better options for cost saving.…

Physician, Canton, MI

Phone: (248) 889-8578 | Email:
840 Lone Tree Road Milford MI 48380

Service only available in states where licensed.
For your protection, coverage cannot be bound or changed via voice mail, email, fax or online via the agency’s website, and is not effective until confirmed directly with a licensed agent. Privacy Policy | Disclaimers